Archipelago Thursday, December 20, 2007

There's an island in my eye
surrounded by a sea
where many have drowned
while they gazed into me

Jutting out like a canker
in the mist where it lies
in the cold, tormented water
which licks at the sky

Where the rain briskly waltzes
in its shoes made of sea
where ships had once sailed
towards this island of me

Ships tossed in storms
on that dark, foamy brine
where titanic waves stirred
in this ocean of mine

Where tempests proudly flaunt
their unremitting might
as their thunder and lightning
prematurely awakened the night

And the seas quickly swell
the tides impulsively rise
until they breach the levy
of these saturated eyes

Flowing in succession
down my damp salty face
where a river has born
as the droplets embraced

And in the eye of the storm
where the gales have ceased
a small weathered boat
drifts silently east

An exhausted young maiden
is scanning my shore
With her tired hands clasped
to what is left of an oar

By chance our eyes meet
a congregation of seas
filled with uncharted islands
an archipelago of we.